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We Got Nuts

is an online vendor for delicious nuts, seeds, and dried fruit.

After establishing the digital storefront, a customer acquisition and retention campaign was set into place. The objective would be to win back customers throughout the year whether it was weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Effective retargeting campaigns through the use of Email Marketing and Google Ads was launched which generated an additional 10% in monthly earnings. After realizing that customers were no longer just one and done, purchasing a subscription plan was added to the website. Now customers would be able to place one order and receive their nuts automatically based on the delivery selection period. The bulk of the customer base was successfully retained.

Web Traffic:
Increase 61%

Ecommerce Conversion Rate:
Decrease 17%

Return On Ad Spend:
Decrease 228%

We Got Nuts is an online vendor for delicious nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. Prior to partnering with the Cougar Media Group in 2018 the brand had a website in place to receive online orders and would run Google Ads campaigns to generate traffic. After a thorough analysis of the brand’s digital footprint it was clear that a fully responsive ecommerce website was needed to grow the brand online. Once, We Got Nuts was successfully migrated to a Shopify website, customers could easily navigate on any device to the product of choice directly impacting revenues.

OAs the brand prospered online their opportunities increased on other selling channels such as Amazon and Walmart. At the same time product expansion was done through the introduction of beautiful wooden gift trays filled with nuts and seeds. Now when the holiday season comes, customers would be able to share the delicious natural treats with friends and family. This impacted the bottom line revenue and increased the average order value. CMG facilitated the tray creation from start to finish that included production of 900 plus units from overseas to keep up with orders. We Got Nuts continues to see brand growth online through their partnership with CMG.