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Unlimited Pure Water

has been the most valuable source of nourishment from humans to animals from the beginning of time.

In January 2023 the company reached out to Cougar Media Group about displaying an infomercial at the Powwow Business Expo hosted by Bell Works in Homedale, New Jersey. There, Unlimited Pure Water took out a sixty second infomercial that would be on display to the attendees of the event looking to spark interest in those who maintain commercial complexes. Just hours before the event there were some requests by the host to prepare the video in a select file format to which the Cougar Media Group was there for immediate file delivery. The presentation was a success and the brand exposure for the infomercial was a success.

Attendees @ Powwow:


Customer Exposure:
Increase 438%

Water has been the most valuable source of nourishment from humans to animals from the beginning of time. When it comes from a natural source it has many valuable elements that are beneficial to society like calcium carbonate, magnesium sulfate, potassium, and sodium sulfate. But, over the course of time unwanted contaminants have begun to lurk in the water that we drink, bathe, and cook with on an everyday basis. Even in established countries such as the United States of America some municipalities have put boiling water orders on a regular basis. Unlimited Pure Water has grabbed the reins and is a leading provider for delivering all pure water to healthcare facilities, government buildings, and residential homes. They provide a complete water softening system for commercial complexes supplying properties with 100% pure water that’s gentle on pipes and expensive equipment.

Clear communication between the advertiser and the creator is key to produce a high quality video that not only is great but delivers the brand’s message too. CMG steps into the brand’s shoes to understand why they stand out and formulate a media piece that personifies that message. Every brand or service has something unique and Cougar Media Group brings that out through video content.