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In the summer of 2019 an air duct cleaning service company faced the challenge of not being visible on major search engines. True, they were seeing leads trickle in from paid search ads, but the quality of the leads was rather poor not justifying the bidding on high cost per click keywords. A thorough audit of the brands digital presence was done and it was quite clear that the website was not mobile friendly which hampered potential customers user experience. Whatever web traffic NJ Air Quality was receiving had slipped through the cracks causing high bounce rate negatively impacting the brands digital visibility.

Organic Traffic:
Increase 934%

Google Ads Spend:
Decrease 72%

Cost Per Lead:
Decrease 67%

NJ Air Quality has earned itself a name of being a leader when it comes to air duct cleaning, laundromat vent cleaning, and duct leakage testing. The company primarily services commercial spaces like multi-family complexes, healthcare, schools, and government facilities. They are well respected in Northern Jersey / Bergen County and have partnered with the Cougar Media Group ever since 2019 and have become the exclusive place to go when home and business owners need clean ducts.

Our team met multiple times with the corporate leader of NJ Air Quality and laid out a clear path that included a complete rebrand and digital makeover. This included updating the brand’s logo and colors that ultimately lead to a fully customized vehicle wrap for its fleet of duct cleaning trucks. Now when on a service call the brand’s identity is amplified while driving and when parked outside a residential or commercial job. Once we settled on a logo it was on to building a custom mobile friendly, highly responsive website across all smart devices. In conjunction, a clear path to drive relevant web traffic and being pay per click free, was implemented. After the website was published in 2020, high quality content was posted on a monthly basis gaining the visibility of customers and improving the brand’s organic search ranking.