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Cranial Therapy Centers

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In 2018, Cranial Therapy Centers reached out to the Cougar Media Group and discussed with them its challenge in slipping into the market of cranial care. The ideal solution would be to go in heavy on paid search campaigns on Google and Bing and direct as much web traffic as possible to their website. The only problem with that was the cost per click was very high and the traffic was low and conversions were limited. It was very difficult to advertise and research topics that included plagiocephaly and torticollis. Most of the traffic out there on the web was all intent based and parents were not even sure what the misshapen head condition was called all together.

Google Traffic:
Increase 15,200

Google Impressions:
Increase 799,853

Google Average Position:
Decrease 436%

Cranial Therapy Centers has become a trusted source in New Jersey when it comes to providing helmet and manual therapy treatments for newborns and infants that have a slight misshapen head. This condition is referred to as plagiocephaly or better known as flat head baby syndrome and in most cases is fully curable with a combination of manual and helmet therapy. The challenge for the brand was to gain brand exposure in a market that had been dominated by one of its competitors for the past quarter of a century. The common issue was that every time the brand was introduced to a clinical provider they mistook them as their competitor. That left the brand in a quandary with not that many options to gain individuality in a market for helmet therapy that was monopolized by one brand.

That’s when Cougar Media Group headed an intense content based campaign that would target intent based long tail keywords. Over the course of time the Cranial Therapy Centers started to build up organic search rankings on major search engines such as Google and Bing. To put things into perspective of how effective the campaign was in the last quarter of 2019 the Cranial Therapy Centers website received 2,000 clicks and 71,000 impressions. In the first quarter of 2023, the website has already got 17,320 clicks and 870,853 impressions from Google SEO.